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Company profile

Our professional activity is the storage of round wood, its processing and the production of saw products.

We produce and offer the following:

Round timber

Carving wood

Cylindrical log

Store of raw materials

Ready products

Cylindrical log

The main trend of the activity of our enterprise is the production of cylindrical log (the diameter from 16 cm to 40cm) for the building of wood frame of different complexity. For the production of cylindrical logs we use pine, fir and cedar wood.

Our own timber storage and thorough assortment allows having the raw materials of high quality.

Specially for the customer we work out an original individual detailed-assembled sketches and drawings. We also produce the cylindrical logs according to the ready projects.

The production of the enterprise is made according to ГОСТ 8486-86, ГОСТ 9463-88. All products go through the phyto sanitary control and have the necessary certificates. All export production has the certificates of the form СТ-1 and the form A for foreign countries.

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